Heels on Wheels • August 12, 2017
A Women’s Enduro-Style Mountain Bike Event
Co-hosted by JHCycling and Jackson Hole Babe Force

Teton Pass • Wilson, WY


1) Caedran Harvey - 19:56
2) Greta Baker - 21:05
3) Niki Milleson - 21:29
4) Crystal Wright - 23:44
5) Katie Paddock - 23:59
6) Chrissy Wolf - 24:27
7) Annika Sohlstrom - 24:32
8) Kelsey Chapman - 25:08
9) Laken Rush - 25:19
10) Sarina Scott - 26:02
11) Robin McGee - 26:58
12) Brit Hastings - 31:54
13) Tina Damalas - 34:22
14) Regan Kohlhardt - 40:07
15) Shannon Overly - 40:26
Veronica Paulsen - Fun!
Joanie Heisey - Fun!
Katie Chapman - Fun!
Emily Mogk - Fun!
Amy Fulwyler - Fun!
Roxy Pierson - Fun!
Laurie Stern - Fun!

The Ride – Getting Sweaty

What do we mean by ‘enduro-style mountain bike event’? Heels on Wheels is not a race. Enduro-style means there are timed segments throughout the course. There will be four timed descents and one optional timed uphill challenge. The result? You get to cruise the uphills at your own pace, get to know some of the other riders, and then push yourself on the timed downhill sections. In short, we’ve structured the event the way we usually ride – fun and relaxed on the uphills and fast on the downhills.

The Cocktail Party – Getting Fancy

Yes, this event includes a cocktail party. After the ride, we are hosting the ‘Heels’ part of the event at the Snake River Brew Pub at 7:30 p.m. This is where us ladies get to put on our party dresses and talk about the fun we had on our bikes all day. We will several prizes, and one lucky lady will take
a brand new cruiser bike home with her!

The Course - Getting Detailed

The course will start and end at the Stagecoach at the bottom of Teton Pass. There is an optional starting point at Phillips Ridge Trailhead for those who would prefer to shuttle up the Pass. You will need to organize your own shuttle. The course is 22 miles with 3,698 feet of climbing and descending.

From the Stagecoach, riders will pedal up the pathway to the base of the Old Pass Road. They will then either continue up the Old Pass Road or ascend the Crater Trail for the optional timed uphill challenge. From there, they will take the Phillips Connector and cross over Hwy 22 to the Phillips Ridge trail network. The course will include the Snotel, Arrow, and Phillips Ridge Road trails, and conclude with a final descent down the Phillips Ridge trail. The course concludes at the Stagecoach, though participants are welcome to arrange pickups at the bottom of Phillips Ridge trail.



The full course can be found HERE and on the Trailforks app.


 Timed Segments - Going Fast

 The riders with the smallest cumulative time on the 4 timed descents will be the winners of the Enduro. The optional timed uphill challenge will be scored separately.


Click on the segments below to view

Heels on Wheels #0 - Crater Climb

Heels on Wheels #1 - Snotel Descent

Heels on Wheels #2 - Arrow Descent

Heels on Wheels #3 - Upper Phillips Descent

Heels on Wheels #4 - Lower Phillips Descent


The below steps MUST be taken for you to be scored in the Enduro and the Climb.

 1) You MUST carry a smartphone during the race

2) Download the free Strava app to your phone

3) On your Strava app, start recording an activity before the race start

4) End the Activity after you finish the race

5) Upload and Sync your Activity

That's it!


Feed Stations:

 We will have feed stations on course to help keep you fueled for the ride.
However, please ensure you are prepared for a full day out and do not rely on the feed stations.



We are looking for volunteers! We are looking for feed station volunteers, rider check-in, and sweeps. If you’re stoked about getting ladies out on bikes, this is your gig. Contact [email protected] if you want to help out.

Participants MUST Register - There is NO ENTRY FEE

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