Teton TriCycle
Celebrating the "Jack-of-all-trades" 

Are you a mountain biker? Are you a road biker? Are you a gravel biker? Our hope is that you are a bike rider! Why pick just one, when all bikes are fun! This is a competition to find out who's the fastest bike rider --- across three disciplines --- in Jackson. Winners will be calculated by taking the lowest accumulated times from the Cache Creek MTB Race, Palisades Gravel Grinder and Jax-Targhee-Jax Road Enduro. The winners will receive a multitude of laurels including, but of course not limited to: a veritable plethora of gift cards to bike shops and local businesses, jerseys, custom trophies and homemade desserts. And if all that isn't enough incentive, winners will also receive the kind of fame that only comes from being a kick-ass cyclist in a western ski-town!



Cache Creek MTB Race
June 27, 2018

Test yourself on everyone's favorite after-work loop. Whether going for the win, trying to set a personal best or just trying to beat your friends, this is "Jackson's bike race." Pizza, prizes and awards in the park after.



Palisades Gravel Grinder
August 18, 2018

Beautiful views and great dirt road come together for this ride. Two lengths to choose from --- those looking to qualify for Teton TriCycle results will need to do the long course. After-party location TBD.




Jax-Targhee-Jax Road Enduro
August 25, 2018

A Jackson classic, this road course features 90 miles and +6,000 ft of climbing. There will be four timed sections: three climbs and one flat. Other sections can be ridden at your preferred pace. This is a free ride, but you must sign up beforehand. After-party location TBD.