Teton Pass Hill Climb • Sunday, July 31 2016 • Registration OPEN

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What's the race course?
A: The Hill Climb will be on the Old Pass Rd this year. (Course map here)

Q: Do I have to ride a road bike?
A: No. You can ride any bike you want as long as you have fun!

Q: Can I ride my ebike?
A: No. Ebikes are not permitted in the race.

Q: Can I listen to my MP3 player during the race?
A: No. All JHCycling races are "headphone free." In addition to being a detriment to fellow racers, we will be riding in an area visited by moose, bear, deer, mountain lions and other residents of Nature. Stay alert and respect the wildlife. We're racing in their home.

Q: Does the race start in Wilson in front of Hungry Jack's?
A: No. The race starts just below the trail head for the Old Pass Rd. (Map to start here)

Q: How do I get to the start of the race?
A: The start is a quick (+/- 15 minutes) ride on the bike path (great warm-up!) from number pick up. (Map to Start here)

Q: Can I park at the start?
A: No. There is ZERO event parking available at the start. The USFS is very explicit about this. Please do not park at the start if you are a racer.

Q: What time is number pick up...day-of registration...start...etc.
A: 8:10am - 8:25am - Day-of registration
8:30am - You should be riding to the start line (There is zero racer parking at the start)
9:10am - Brief race announcements on the start line
9:15am - Race start (Sharp)

Q: Where is number pick up...day-of registration...awards...raffle...etc.
A: Pearl Street Bagels - Wilson, WY (Map here)

Q: Will there be food...awards...raffle... etc.
A: Yes. Yes. Yes. Food: We will feed and water you after the race with bagels and cream cheese (courtesy Pearl Street Bagels), bananas, orange juice, chocolate milk and Coke (courtesy of Smith's Grocery Store). Awards/raffle: Provided by The Hub and all our other great sponsors!

Q: Are we gonna hang out half the day waiting for results...awards...raffle...etc?
A: No. While our awards locale, next to the river, is worthy of whiling away the day, our goal is to be efficient with the results, awards and raffle. Feel free to hang out as long as you want afterwards.

Q: What are the rules of the race?
A: JHCycling race rules can be found HERE.